Early Career Awards

Application Requirements

Selection of the Early Career Award is based on total career achievement and review of a submitted and accepted abstract. To qualify for this award, the applicant has to meet the eligibility criteria listed below:

  • Should be no more than seven (7) years out from their highest degree and/or
  • Have held a faculty or professional position for no more than seven (7) years.
  • Must submit an abstract of empirical work.
  • Must be the first or only author of the accepted abstract.
  • Attendance and presentation at the congress are required.
  • In addition to the abstract submission, applicants must submit a brief curriculum vitae (max. 4 pages) as well as a detailed personal letter.  

Applications will be rated by the ISBM Education and Training Committee with additional raters solicited among senior ISBM members. A total of 10 awardees will be chosen and they will receive a certificate and financial award. 

Priority may be given to applications from countries with limited resources, and/or representatives from different geographical regions. Applicants from low-income countries are requested to indicate if they need funds to cover the costs of travel, registration and lodging

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2023, 11:59pm PST